Danielle Guttman | Miss Balader Jewelry

Miss Balader was created by Bay Area native, Danielle Guttman, in 2014. All pieces are handmade in Oakland, California and created for the easy-going woman who wants to add pieces of delight to her look.

Danielle is a product design researcher by day and a jewelry designer by night. She can often be found sitting on the floor of her apartment making unique pieces as a release from a stressful week of work. She studied Design Management at Parsons in Paris, France, where she spent four years surrounded by creatives of all types and the beauty that Paris has to offer.  She learned the city by getting lost and wandering for hours. The French word to wander, Balader, became very important to her way of life and hence became the name of her jewelry line.

Miss Balader products are also on Etsy, see more styles there.